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Payment Security Payment Security

NONAH uses Paybox to carry out your payment procedure.

To be able to use a Paybox card payment service, Nonah is holding a distance selling online payment account at an identified banking institution.

Thanks to the technology used and the absence of a printout containing the unencrypted bankcard number, it is safer to pay by bankcard on Paybox affiliated websites than in the majority of local shops. The various stages of the payment process between the purchaser and Paybox are fully encrypted and protected and the protocol used is SSL. This means that information linked to the order and the bankcard number do not circulate unencrypted on the internet.
The bankcard number is not printed out onto documents, invoices, credit card receipts or other printouts.
Nonah does not have access to card numbers.
Paybox does not keep card numbers once the payment transaction has been transmitted to Nonah's bank.
This means that nobody has access to purchasers' card details either electronically or via printouts.

According to Paybox, the risk of a client's bankcard number being “hacked” when purchasing on a Paybox System affiliated website is nil.

Check that you are in secure mode when paying online:
- In secure mode a locked padlock appears at the bottom of the browser.
- The start of the website's address at the top of the screen (http://www) changes to https://www.
The “s” following “http” is showing that communication is secure.

If you wish to get more information about Paybox System payment security on the Internet, follow this link: