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NONAH natural care oil 0,00€
The NONAH natural care oil is specially formulated to care for the wooden surfaces of the NONAH furniture (but not the painted surfaces).
It is based on linseed oil, from flax seeds. It is what is called a ‘dry’ oil and forms a protection film while drying in the open air. This oil is biodegradable and conforms to the norm EN 71-3 (toy safety).
It nourishes and protects the wood against variations in temperature and dampness, while letting it free to breathe.

It is good to apply NONAH care oil on your NONAH furniture regularly (say once a year).

The NONAH care oil is useful as well when removing stains. If a stain cannot be removed with a moist sponge (do not use abrasive cleansers such as washing up liquid), then you will need to rub it gently with a very thin (about 180) sanding paper, and then reapply some oil.

When applying the oil, it is important to damp a dry cloth with a very small quantity of oil, and to rub it gently on the selected wooden surface.
Because the oil does not contain any drying agent, it is a bit slow to dry: do not have the treated piece of furniture in direct contact with clothes, carpet, paper...for a few days.

40 ml glass bottle filled with NONAH natural care oil.
For orders above 300 Euros, this little bottle will be offered and sent with the order.
For all other orders, and for additional requirement, the NONAH care oil is available for free, but delivery charges apply.
Delivered within 2 weeks in France, Italy, Spain and UK, delivery charges 5.00€.
For other countries please contact us.