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SALAMANDRE 7M Sigmund 989,00€
The Salamandre 7 modules bookcase "Sigmund" is a set of 7 cabinets combined with metal accessories, already designed for you.
It offers a large volume of storage space and includes vertical, horizontal and small cabinets bringing variations to the rhythm of the layout.

. Cabinets included: 1 small velvet red cabinet and 1 small powder blue cabinet, 1 large horizontal aubergine purple cabinet, 2 large horizontal ocean green cabinets, 1 large vertical lime green cabinet and 1 large vertical turquoise blue cabinet. For details on the colours, please click on the flower button.
. Metal components included: 8 books holders, 8 feet, 14 short links components and 6 long metal links components.
. Cabinets made of solid birch delivered already assembled.
. Metal components made of untreated steel to insert into the appropriate slots on the side of the cabinets: book holders on the top, feet under, straight links in between the cabinets.
. The layout of the cabinets can be changed anytime, to suit different needs or to change the look.
. Other additional Salamandre cabinets can be combined to this bookcase
. Holes designed on the back of the cabinets to fix the bookcase to the wall (recommended for stability above 2 layers of cabinets on top of each other-wall fixings not supplied).

Click on the small photo squares on the left to get more image details. The last image shows 6 different combinations possible with their dimensions.

Dimensions of the whole bookcase, as presented (widthxheightxdepth): 183,6x99,4x24 cm including the metal accessories. Feet height: 7.8cm. Weight: approx. 24kg altogether.

Delivered within 2 weeks in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and UK, delivery charges 55,00€. For delivery to other countries please contact us.

ECO-FRIENDLY: your children can breathe!
The NONAH furniture is made exclusively of solid European FSC certified birch. It is protected by a biodegradable oil based on linen oil, and superior water-based lacquer for the colours. The metal accessories are made of untreated steel without varnishing. It is naturally beautiful.