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Stool PÉPIN the Short 109,00€
The NONAH Pépin Stool is a robust, stylish and practical everyday use piece of furniture.
Children love its fun design, with 5 feet and a little hide-away space under the seat.

. Appropriate size and solid structure make it easy to use by children
. Seat shaped like a seed. It's thickness reveals the beauty of the solid wood.
. Under seat shelf shaped like a 5 petal flower with soft curves
. Long cut-out handle in the seat for easy grab
. Small storage space under the seat, works well for a soft toy
. Suitable also for older children and grown-ups
. Works well as a pretty little side table
. Supplied with pre-glued felt protectors to place under the feet if used on varnished floor.
. Colours available to choose from: bright orange, aubergine purple, cerise pink or taupe grey. For more details on the colours, click on the flower button above.

Dimensions: 29x29x29 cm. Weight: 1.9 kg.
Delivered already assembled within 2 weeks in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and UK, delivery charges 15.00 €. For other countries please contact us.

ECO-FRIENDLY: your children can breathe !
- The NONAH furniture is made exclusively of solid wood, without any MDF, MDF E1 (so called eco-MDF), plywood or laminated wood, to guarantee that it is totally free from the formaldehyde that is present in the glues or resins used to make these reconstituted woods. It is naturally beautiful.
- The birch used to manufacture NONAH furniture is grown in sustainable FSC certified forests. The furniture is manufactured in Latvia, with local wood that has not been chemically treated.
- The paint and the undercoat are compliant with the European regulation EN71-3, and are free from formaldehyde, toxic heavy metals, phthalates, CMR (1+2) compounds and volatile organic halogenous compounds.
- The oil used for the protection of the wood is biodegradable. It contains no solvents nor VOC’s. It is compliant with the EN 71-3 European regulation relating to the security of toys.
- The glues used in the assembly process are free from formaldehyde. The methods used in the assembly of the furniture are, where possible, wooden techniques. Use of metal components is kept to a minimum.
- Each piece of furniture is manually assembled, painted and oiled, with constant attention to achieving optimal quality.