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The ICARE bed and the SALAMANDRE bookcase... Your child can breathe!


"Amazing colours and playful design, the Zinda chair is a little beauty..."


Sept 2015: the ICARE bed is born...


"The bell rang! A selection of trendy desks to create aa environment for studying..."


"We were taken by NONAH's collection since a while! NONAH designs wooden furniture combining bright colours and natural wood. LITTLE interviews the 3 family players to get them talking about their childhood "back to school" memories and their eco-friendly and interior decoration advice."

Version Fémina Var

Based in Aix-en-Provence, this family business designs eco-friendly furniture for children. [...] A brand which successfully managed to find the perfect balance between environmental requirements and business.

Version Femina

furniture for juniors, overview... The NONAH eco-friendly furniture collection is manufactured exclusively with solid birch from eco-responsibly well managed forests. [...] The design is playful... the colours contrast beautifully with the fairness of the wood.


Editorial featuring Constance Gennari's home interior. Constance - TheSocialiteFamily - chose the Salamandre bookcase on LesEnfantsDu for her daughter's bedroom.


The Galapagos shelves: ethical, playful and poetic design!

marie claire enfants

Italy, MINI SOUK selection: Aldabra table in lime green, Zinda chairs and Pépin stool.

Salamandre, a custom combined bookcase and Pélican, a playful toybox that all children will like!

Design Report 2014

Invest in the future... The new shelves system Galapagos from French family run business NONAH offers to children the possibility to re-create their own space again and again...


FURNITURE from NATURE Eco-friendly designs, playful concepts, zingy range of colours and solid wood. The creative trio from NONAH manufactures smart and green furniture for children...


The Salamandre bookcase with 3 cabinets and the turquoise blue Zinda chair on "my Christmas doo-list".


Add colours into the children's bedroom... Pépin stool from NONAH, with seed shaped seat, solid birch...

marie claire idées

And what if tidying became fun? Tower Alerce of 3 stackable toy boxes from NONAH...


NEVER TOO MUCH /Spécial design enfant. NONAH creates practical furniture, playful and natural [...]. The ideal collection [designed] as tools to encourage children in growing up!


features Galapagos this months, wall archipelago of shelves, perfect for the children's room.

madame FIGARO

MARION COTILLARD is also known for her concerns for the environment. As a customer, she appreciates NONAH's approach, together with the quality and design of the products.


modern, creative, sustainable. Stool Pépin by NONAH.


[...] the brand NONAH, 100% eco-friendly, is focusing on the well-being of the little ones. [The Zinda chair] offers a smart design with a twist : the pigeon-hole under the seat...


Live with wood size XXS! ...the design for juniors includes sustainable development in its specifications, with a smart note which has nothing to envy to the design for adults. 2 creations in solid wood by the French NONAH: Salamandre Bookcase and Pépin Stool.


ECO-FRIENDLY BOOKCASE, very cute Salamandre bookcase, scalable and adaptable,


Secret hidings. Under the table top, 2 hidden drawers. Solid wood. ALDABRA table and ZINDA chairs

Enfant Magazine

3-6 years old ''Look, I'm big !'' Salamandre Bookcase, Nonah.


AIX-EN-PROVENCE CHILDREN PLAY TIME eco-friendly furniture, smart and not boring... a family story.

VOGUE bambini

The house that speaks to kids... With selected objects from the Kids Room Zoom 2012 exhibition in Milan. Salamandre by NONAH!


The Salamandre Bookcase in ''Le choix de Charlotte''.

maison créative

How to encourage children to tidy up ? [...] ALERCE tower of stackable toy boxes by NONAH.

20 minutes Lausanne

Switzerland. ..MDF woods are pointed at regarding health issues. The industry of products for children is leading in developping healthy products... Pépin Stool from NONAH, in solid wood...


The Kids Room Zoom exhibition in Milan is a launch pad for the most exciting new designs for children. [...]the Salamandre, a colourful modular bookcase created by NONAH, which can be reassembled as your child's book collection burgeons...

HOMES &Interiors Scotland

The Pépin stool is also a favourite in Scotland...


19/3/12 : about tidying of children's bedrooms. (...) to change from the plastic boxes, we will prefer wood. The toy boxes and bookcases from NONAH in solid wood, with light colour touches like aubergine or ocean green, and their shapes slightly curved, are just beautiful (...) full of details to encourage our children to tidy up (...)


When wood rime with design... SMART Alerce Tower of 3 stackable toy boxes created by NONAH...An elegant and efficient piece of furniture for storage... NONAH next to Charlotte Perriand!


Our favourites : the Salamandre bookcase and the Pépin stool. "I love the NONAH collection and its great colours. The stool is stable, practical, design, smart. A very original piece !"


The bookcase in all its glory! In solid wood and metal, cabinets to combine. Very welcome in a child's bedroom....It is SALAMANDRE by NONAH. DES MERVEILLES.COM

madame FIGARO

The PÉPIN stool is part of Madame FIGARO's trendy deco selection, colours in style.


''A pinch of spice on design... Brake off from the books neatly lined up on shelves. Modular bookcase ''Salamandre'' with solid wood cabinets and metal components. NONAH for DESMERVEILLES.''


Casa Amica special Fuori Del Salone, Kids Room Zoom exhibition, selected the Salamandre bookcase.

La Provence

NONAH! has been chosen in memory of their Italian grand-mother: Nonna. 2 brothers and a sister created this range of eco-friendly furniture for children...''We do use only solid wood to guarantee that it is totally free from the formaldehyde that is present in the glues or resins used to make reconstituted woods''.[...]NONAH presents simple but modern shapes, where colours and light birch alternate smartly.

Vogue Bambini

Special design for the little ones bedrooms... Salamandre bookcase in wood and metal by Nonah.


''This bookcase combines cabinets of different sizes (with or without door) made of chemically untreated solid wood from well managed forests. One can choose only one or several cabinets depending on space...''

Marie Claire Maison

''In the children's room, no copying on adults styles, but we can mix vintage, boutiques and contemporary creations''. The Salamandre Cabinets and the Pépin stool from NONAH are playing with the big boys...


''NONAH uses only 100% eco-friendly materials, healthy and sustainable, to create well thought out designs.''


The [NONAH] furniture has been designed to encourage children's independence through play, with unexpected openings, hidden cabinets...

contact CCIMP

''Both eco-friendly and smartly designed, this collection of furniture is made for children's bedrooms. [The furniture] is not only stylish shapes and bright colours. It is eco-friendly as well. [...] solid wood from well managed forests, [...] natural oils, water-based colours...''


Once upon a time, 2 brothers and a sister decided to create furniture for children a different way. They did so with such an eco-conscious approach that we could suspect them of excess. However, lets look at all the questions raised, and the answers provided by their solid wood furniture...


''...The [NONAH] design is emphasizing the warmth of the solid wood, using touches of colours to contrast with its grain. The collection is interacting...''

Chalets Maisons Bois

''A world to build : robots, dinosaurs, planes or castle... Ikipi, the last creation of NONAH! allows children's imagination to flourish. [...] this construction game is made of European solid wood certified FSC.''


''The boutique Entrée En Matières in Lyon offers now the NONAH collection of ecological furniture. All pieces are made of solid wood to avoid glues and resins used in MDF...''


''We fell for this functional and trendy desk which can be opened to hide children's treasures...''

marie-claire magazine

''Finally, this is a collection with an ecological and modern design [...] Nonah! creates tomorrow's furniture.''


''Tidy your room !'' The stackable toy boxes with joyful colours ''Alerce'' are precious tools to do so. They are as well beautiful, robust pieces of furniture which, once stacked, take little place.

Design@Home MAGAZINE

''Two-in-one 100% French and ecological Design, this side table BUBO has storage to pack away books and soft toys.''


''Grand ideas for little citizens... They choose the best materials for their furniture, [...] the outcome is stunning!''

''They look so stylish, robust designs which are also ecological... Top of the range furniture by this family run business that cares more than anything about the well-being of children.''

Maisons Naturelles et Bois

The Aldabra table with sliding tops, the Zinda chair and the Bubo bedside table are part of the star items in this magazine on eco-habitat.


'' - Furniture that cleverly promotes a child's sense of discovery and imagination ...''

Question de Parents

''We wanted to create ecological furniture with clever details [...], it has been designed to encourage a child's independance - A dream came true for these parents [us!] who want to believe in a world with a future. The first creations [of NONAH] are the successful signs of their tenacity.''

...this furniture for children is esthetically very successful [...], it has been designed according to children's morphogy. [...] And this is without an important point : NONAH has a global ecological approach...

MILK Magazine

This very trendy French Magazine likes the stackable toyboxes Alerce, which are part of their ''basket of the architect''. A beautiful life saver in small spaces !

Le Patriote

Local Press : ''take 3 brothers and sister bound together by awareness of environmental issues, mix their skills, give them time to contemplate... And you get NONAH!''

Maison Bricolage et décoration

Ecological furniture designed to encourage the independance and creativity of the 3-9 years old...

Parents created by 3 brothers and sister, with its clever furniture made of solid birch (wood from Latvia) coming from ecologically well-managed forests.

Terra Eco Magazine

Famous French Magazine writing about our planet and ecological issues. They say: ''This French furniture designer is working on all the details...''. We work hard to create our high quality furniture, and a little bit harder to develop the business as ecological as possible.

Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire

They tell our story, in French ! They were seduced by NONAH's economic initiative and it's ecological choices.

CÔTÉ designed for little ones...ecological and beautiful.