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The CAMÉLÉON360 cubes have been designed to store small books, CDs, DVDs, small games etc...
They contribute, like all other pieces of the NONAH collection, to create a warm and cheerful ambience in a room.
Each cube, in its colour version frosty or spicy, offers different views depending on the side on display.

In order to create a bigger structure, the cubes can be stacked on each other (using a central disc in between the cubes allowing the rotation of each cube on top of the other), and/or placed side by side.
When grouped, the CAMÉLÉON360 cubes are perfect to create a room partition or a reading/work corner.
The combination of the cubes can be updated anytime, allowing for everyday life organisation changes.

The CAMÉLÉONS360 cubes are available by the unit or by pillars of 3 identical or mixed cubes.
More details by clicking on the photo squares on the righ.

NONAH is ECO-FRIENDLY: your children can breathe !
The NONAH furniture is made exclusively of FSC certified solid birch coming from European forests. It is protected by natural biodegradable linen based oil and water based high quality lacquer.
CAMÉLÉON360 by unit
Pillar of 3 identical CAMÉLÉONS
Pillar of 3 mixed CAMÉLÉONS