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Of course, it is quite difficult to get the right idea about a colour on a computer screen.
So below is a description, in a few words, of each NONAH Colour.

Starting from top and clockwise:
Turquoise Blue: the same colour than the precious stone with the same name extracted by the pharaons in the Sinaï desert 5000 years ago!
Powder Blue: peaceful sky through the mist at the end of the day
Aubergine Purple: thick, deep and soft like silk
Cerise Pink: dense, cheerful reddish pink with a touch of blue
Velvet Red: cosy colour of the theatre curtains.
Bright orange: like the flesh of an open apricot from the South of France
Taupe Grey: soft, secure, stylish, medium dark grey with a touch of brown
Ocean Green or vervain: that's the green of nature, calm and relaxing, with a tiny touch of blue
Lime green: fizz green, the green of spring and of the young shoots of fern, full of energy

and finally Oiled Birch (center) is like a few spoons of honey in a cup of warm milk.
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