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our values
We wrote the text below before the creation of the company. It describes what we believe in, what we have in mind. We refer to it regularly.

"Create furniture means to think first about who is going to use it. Children are the future and we have imagined for them furniture that is clever, original, adapted to their size and beautiful. Our creations are conceived to be practical and respectful of their specific morphology, while conforming with the existing regulations. Tidying up, drawing, resting, each of our pieces of furniture brings in every day life its presence and its use. It becomes part of the unique world of children made of play and imagination.
Our products are designed like a kind of helping tools to grow up.

Wood, living and natural material, renewable and warm, gives shape to our creations. We like to work with it, to use its numerous qualities, to see it turn into a piece of furniture, to know that it will continue to live for others. Our products are in solid wood, a guarantee of life and soul. We like its colour and its texture, we believe it brings softness and well-being at home.

We want to see the positive effects of internationalisation and we believe that everyone's work is a precious good that one must know how to use and respect. We want humankind to grow, in the respect of its culture and its specificity wherever it is on the planet. The universal declaration of human rights and of children rights are for us essential and guide us in the choice of our partners. Trading has to be fair or not at all.

We are very aware of the fact that the Earth is a garden we need to take care of and that resources of each country are precious. We are developing with our manufacturing partners a sustainable enterprise, integrated to the culture of everyone and that is respectful of fundamental human rights. Deforestation and extensive exploitation of natural resources make no sense and create no value. We support programs of certification of sustainable management of the forests which contribute to the ecological certification of forest exploitation, curb the destruction of primary forests and raise public awareness about a reasonable exploitation of natural resources.

Because these values are ours and that we want to share them with you, we have created NONAH."